On my travels through Europe I saw many broken statues near road sides,  fallen beside old buildings, and  on corner of streets deteriorating. They were dramatic in their abandonment. On my return I travelled, on many occasions, to my twin brothers place  in Gordon, near Ballarat. My attention was drawn to the dead trees in the landscape. To me,  they had that same dramatic appearance as the neglected sculptures in europe especially those trees that are cut down by landowners and left almost deliberately like props.  As I usually like to work from life ofcourse it wasn't possible to do that with this show so after taking many photos by the road side I decided to build a diorama in my studio.  I then put spotlights on it to create the drama I needed. There I began to invent the landscape. I called the show "One tree hill " only because I've always like that name,so many places in Australia are called that. Strangely enough one of my younger brothers lives in  the country side of Adelaide, thats all I knew, but a few years after this exhibition I learnt that the town he lives in is called One tree hill.

This exhibition was held at Latrobe street Gallery, Melbourne in 1998.

  Images are selected works.

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